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Shopify Decision Science team

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Ottawa & Toronto - Canada
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At Shopify, we empower 500,000+ entrepreneurs all over the world. We're looking for hard-working, passionate people to help us make commerce better. On the Shopify Decision Science team, it's our job to understand and measure the company using a statistical lens. We strongly feel that economists make a big impact here. Below are some jobs open for economists:

### Finance Analytics Team
Shopify can be seen as a country, with 500,000+ citizens (I suppose that makes us the government!). With this perspective, we can ask questions like what is the wealth inequality in Shopify, how are our population cohorts evolving over time, how much should we "tax" citizens, what is the predicted birth rate of the country, and so on. This team works closely with the CFO and Finance team and sees their results reported publically.

### People Analytics Team
Shopify has over 2500+ employees. The People Analytics team is the internal study of them. The goal is to create an enviroment where employees can make the biggest impact and be the most productive. Using survey research and Human Resource datasets, the team uses statistical techniques to understand what causes attrition, what behaviours influence promotions, what learning techinques are most effective, what are the effects of internal programs, and so on. This team runs longer term studies that will influence the company's culture in decades to come.

### Marketing Analytics Team
The Marketing Analytics team focuses on the costs of aquiring new Shopify customers, building adspend & attribution models, and automating analysis. Generally, Shopify wants the cost of aquisition to be less than the lifetime value of a customer, so modelling this is very important. Positions on this team also include a leadship/manager position.

### Support Analytics Team
Tech companies try to scale sublinearly, but one place where this isn't possible is customer support, incurring a linear cost on the company. The Support Analytics team focuses on making the customer support organization as efficient as possible to try to achieve better scaling. This includes accurate forecasts of workforce planning, understanding factors that influence productivity, and machine learning models to help mitigate customer support load.

Experience comes in many forms, many skills are transferable, and passion goes a long way. If your experience is this close to what we're looking for, consider applying. We know that diversity of thought makes for the best problem-solving and creative thinking, which is why we're dedicated to adding new perspectives to the team and encourage everyone to apply.

Feel free to email myself, Cameron, at if you'd like to ask any questions.

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Ottawa & Toronto, Canada


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11th November 2017

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9th February 2018

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